SPAM / Phishing

The main problem for a company...

SPAM / Phishing average percentage



Malicious code sent by

In figures



The use of social engineering to send these types of threats is more and more frequent.

Of every 100 emails analyzed...



Emails that appear to be from CEOs requesting urgent payments or transfers


Interactive malware search service

Our engine searches in real time through 3 fronts to halt any attempt at hacking.

Fraud Control

Fraudsters will stop at nothing to get your personal information and your card information. Iberlayer analyzes your emails to prevent the so-called 'CEO Fraud'.

Content Control

Our system filters your emails in real time, eliminating unwanted email and sending you only what you need, eliminating spam, viruses, phishing attempts, etc.

Control of attachments

We take care that your attachments do not contain malicious files that can damage your computer. Therefore, we will eliminate those dangerous files and we will notify you so that you have proof.

Why use Iberlayer Cloud Email protection?

Cloud benefits

Saves communications bandwidth
Saves time and money
Reduces customer worries


Blocks up to 99,9% of Spam
Multiple AntiVirus + SandBox
AntiRansomware protection


Inbound and Outbound filters
Minimum scan delay
Recipients verifications

Best price

Licensed by number of users, not of mailboxes
Service fee per months or years

1 service, 1 price: all inclusive


Service Level Agreements (SLA)
5 days of encrypted cache in case of customer
server failure
Tier 3+++ DataCenters


Up and running in 5 minutes
24/7 Support Service

Free from USA Patriot Act law obligations

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Up and running in 5 minutes!

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