Domain Guardian

Iberlayer's domain surveillance service allows companies to take the necessary
measures before a possible identity spoofing.

What is Domain Guardian?

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Domain Guardian
Domain surveillance

One of the main methods used for Phishing is identity theft. It is simple and economical to register a domain similar to that of the victim to make us go through a high position and perform a CEO fraud.In many cases, domains of well-known brands are supplanted to make the origin of the mail much more credible. In this way the user relies on the sender and does not suspect a possible attack.

Could you identify the difference between:

A technique widely used in Phishing and fraud campaigns consists of the use of homoglyphs (typosquatting in English) to try to deceive the end user.

A homoglyph is one or more characters (or glyphs) with similar or nearly identical shapes that cannot be distinguished from one another by quick visual inspection.

In the example, the first URL contains the lowercase letter “ L ”, while the second uses the uppercase vowel “ i ”. For the human eye, and depending on the device from which it is consulted, there is no difference, despite being completely different domains.

Our domain surveillance system monitors the creation of new similar domains. In this way, a possible identity theft can be anticipated, allowing the necessary measures to be taken in a minimum amount of time.

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