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What is Email Guardian?

Service specifications

Anti Spam + Anti Phishing + Anti Mass Mail

Email Guardian is based on AMBAR, IberLayer AntiSpam patent pending Technology, that blocks junk email such as Spam, Phishing, ScamWare, etc. AMBAR can also block Marketing campaigns emails (also known as 'mass mailings' or mass email'), where the user supposedly has to click somewhere to unsubscribe and stop receiving those emails.

Nowadays there are Phishing campaigns extraordinarily well designed and constructed that can even cheat a well-trained user. This campaigns, admirable from the quality point fo view, often originate not on botnets but com hacked or compromised servers to maximize their impact.

Iberlayer Email Guardian has a language-independent phishing detection engine that protect customers against this threat, that in many cases does not pretend to steal user private date but to make user execute a dropper that will, sooner o later, download some Ransomware.

Email Guardian uses a combination of technologies aimed to have speedy delivery, so no greylisting!

Anti Malware with SandBoxing

Email Guardian uses a multi-engine architecture to detect Virus, Trojans, Worms, etc. Nevertheless, nowadays most malware (like ransomware for example) remains undetected for most AV engines because hackers test all of themin advance to maximize effectiveness.

To overcome this, Sandboxing to the rescue!

Most actual Sandboxes delay file analysis up to 2 minutes on average, but Iberlayer sandboxing technology is 'almost' real-time (delay remains under 2 seconds on average) and detects tons of new ransomware per day.

Anti Ransomware Technology

Ransomware is a kind of malware that blocks access (normally via encryption) to the victim's data until some money (ransom) is paid. Ransomware tries to encrypt not only victim’s data but all the data he/she has access to via network, so shared resources are usually affected as well. There is no guarantee that paying the ransom frees the data back.

When a new Ransomware is released, normally no AV will detect it for several hours, days or even weeks!.

Iberlayer SandBoxing technology plus a specific AntiRansomware engine detects this threats without need for frequent updates. WanaCry campaign, for instance was detected by our engine some days before it came out to the news.

Zero Day malicious OLE macros detection

Nowadays email is the main tool used to send and receive documents between users and companies. Hackers know this, and an important percertage of malware tries to cheat the users with emails claiming to contain an attached invoice, or important bank document, that seems important. This attached file is usually an OLE document (Ms Word, Ms Excel, etc.) that contains a malicious MACRO not detected by any Antivirus (until some time later). Normally this MACRO contains droppers or downloaders that will infect the user computer with any kind of Trojan or even Ransomware.

As stated, normally no AV detect those macros because hackers check them against most AV in advance.

Iberlayer realtime SandBoxing technology is able to detect this macros and protect final users from IT disasters.

Anti Fraud protection (CEO Fraud, etc.)

CEO Fraud is a kind of fraud (and legal offense) where cybercriminals spoof company email accounts or domains and impersonate some executive, usually the company CEO, to try to fool an employee in Accounting of Finance into executing unauthorized urgent wire transfers frequently to Chinese banks.

As stated, this emails are usually sent from spoofed (imitating) company accounts that looks pretty similar to the genuine ones, by for example switching letter 'l' (like lion) to number '1', or letter 'O' to number '0', etc.

In USA, this type of fraud is called 'Business Email Compromise' by the FBI and just 'CEO Fraud' in the European Union.

Once the member of Accounting or Finance has started a conversation with who they believe to be the CEO, they don’t question the validity of that person. For them, they are talking to and obeying the instructions of their CEO.

These emails do not contain dangerous malware, nor suspicious URLs, etc. they are totally clean from security point of view so special technology is required to detect and block them.

Iberlayer can detect and block CEO Fraud emails thanks to a very special and unique “Fraud Detection Technology“ specifically designed and developed to this very purpose.

When a positive is triggered, Iberlayer Help Desk contact the customer to report about it in detail.

Up to 5 Days of email buffering

If your internal mail servers have problems for any reason: they are down, or there are firewalls problems, or routers issues, etc., do not worry! Your company will not lose any email! Email Guardian will keep them in an AES256 encrypted filesystem up to 5 days.

Once your server is up again, Email Guardian will send them to you carefully to not exhaust your Internet connections bandwidth.

Email delivery via TLS

Encryption is very important for us, and in many countries it may even be mandatory to some extents. In Iberlayer email encryption via TLS is always the default and preferred choice for all transmission.

DLP: Data Leakage Protection

When someone sends by email some company private or internal information without proper permissions, then the company is suffering a 'Data Leakage'.

To prevent this from happening, Iberlayer Email guardian has a Data Leakage Prevention filter (DLP) that helps to detect this leakages

Inbound and Outbound Filtering

Filter outgoing emails is as important as filtering incoming ones.

A single outgoing spam message indicates most likely a virus infection inside corporate network, not to mention the possible damage to corporate image it can produce!

Licensed by number of users and not by number of mailboxes

Most cloud based anti spam companies base their licensing plans on the number of mailboxes you have, so if a user has 4 mailboxes, or only one but the company has 4 internet domains, then you will need 4 licenses.Mailboxes beyond that limit are not filtered and not protected. This risk is real, dangerous and very expensive!

EMAIL GUARDIAN is licensed based on number of users and not mailboxes. Do not worry about how many domains you have, shared mailboxes, etc. All of them will be always protected despite its number!Much simpler! Much cheaper! Much more secure!

24/7 Support Service

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You can contact IberLayer Help Desk at any time, we work 24 x 7 (English and Spanish).

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